Registered under the PCC Act, 2005
truck 11This 6-week program takes you from a full G licence to the ACZ.  You will spend two weeks in a classroom where you will be taught all the theory aspects of commercial driving – from what to expect on your MTO written test to your Air Brake certification, and much, much more.

Our dedicated and knowledgeable instructors will fill you with information on such subjects as defensive driving techniques, dangerous goods transportation, hours of service, compliance issues, border crossing documentation and environmental stewardship.  Before you ever get into a truck, you will learn how to complete a log book, plan a trip, read a map and take care of your own personal safety and the security of your load.

Once you have completed your mandatory in class hours you will begin the practical training period of four weeks in truck.   You will work a full 40 hour week, dividing your time between driving on-road and mastering the yard elements such as inspections, backing, hook-up and disconnect, as well as the air brake practical which you will repeat daily.

Your training course will conclude with the MTO Road Test, the presentation of your graduation portfolio and your new life as a Canadian Trucker!


Registered under the PCC Act, 2005
Although some commercial fleets are switching over to automatic trucks, they are still far from the norm in the real world of trucking.  If you cannot drive a truck with a ten, thirteen or eighteen-speed semi-synchronized transmission, you will not be employable by the majority of transportation companies.

This program – the only one of its kind – is designed for those clients who have no experience with a vehicle that has a manual transmission.   The additional 50 hours in the program are earmarked to give you a thorough working knowledge of progressive shifting with a semi-synchronized gearbox, using a technique called double-shifting.

The balance of the course follows the same curriculum as the basic ACZ course.