A Restricted

This course does not require to be registered under the PCC Act, 2005

In 2008 Ontario recognized, that many RV’s, horse trailer haulers and others were pulling trailers over the limit of 4,600 kg and were required to get a Class A license in order to stay legal.  Some Ontario License Offices were unable to give the road test using these smaller type combinations and insisted on a Tractor Trailer combination which was impractical.  So Ontario introduced a Restricted A license.  This allows motorists to do the road test using their existing equipment.  With this license you can pull a vehicle over the weight of 4,600 kg but you may NOT:

  • Drive full size tractor-trailers
  • Drive a motor vehicle pulling double trailers
  • Drive a motor vehicle pulling a trailer with air-brakes. (You must have an air brake endorsement first).
  • Drivers with the “R” restrictive condition will not be allowed to give driver instruction to another person on a vehicle requiring full Class A privileges.

All Class A requirements are still applicable such as medicals to obtain a Restricted Class A license.

What can you drive with this class of license?
You may tow a vehicle over 4,600 kg such as larger RV’s, horse trailers etc.
You may also drive a tow vehicle over 11,000 kg.
You cannot double tow!

How to register

Please obtain these pre-requisites, before registering.
If registering for these courses on-line, you must bring a copy of your medical and your written test to the school prior to your training, or scan and email them to us.
We will not book any in-vehicle lessons or a road test until we have proof you passed your written and paid the testing fees.

  • You must be 18 or over to apply for the Class A Restricted course
  • Minimum requirement-Ontario Class ‘G’ Driver’s Licence (Class G1 & G2 are NOT eligible)
  • You will also need to pick up an MTO medical form when you purchase your handbook. Medical Forms are available at our office or at Service Ontario licencing offices.
  • Anyone who is upgrading their licence to a commercial licence must bring in the completed medical to your local Drive Test Centre when you go to write your test. (The Drive Test Centre will keep your medical form. We recommend you make copies of it before handing it in.)  OR DOWNLOAD MEDICAL FORM HERE
  • Purchase a copy of the Ministry of Transportation’s ‘Truck Driver Handbook’ and read it over in preparation for the Drive Test’s Written Test. This manual can be purchased at Service Ontario Licence & Vehicle Offices, the Drive Test Centre or your local bookstore. You may be able to get it from your local library.
  • You will be required to pay the licencing fee when you do the written test.

To register, you need to have completed your MTO Medical and have written the AR knowledge test.